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Pukani Dry Rock

TBS Pukani Dry Aquarium Rock is the lightest and most porous dry rock in the industry, full of holes that become nice homes and passage ways for your tank's inhabitants.

Low initial cost on premium rock - Pound for pound it is lower cost as it is dry rock and does not have to be shipped underwater. It can be shipped via standard UPS/FEDEX ground which saves on shipping.

This rock does come out of the ocean and may have some dead material on it such as sponges or other critters. Soaking or curing the rock before use in an established aquarium is recommended.

Dry Pukani live rock is not available for shipment to Canada or internationally due to high permit fees.

TBS Pukani Large Dry Live Rock is generally 20" or more in diameter. Sold by the pound with a minimum order of 30 lbs.